Welcome to Future Sandoval! This purpose of this website is to provide information about the Economic Development Strategy for Rio Rancho and Sandoval County.

Future Sandoval intends to continue the community’s positive economic and job growth, and enhance our visibility as an excellent place to do business in the United States and internationally. Future Sandoval will focus the economic development efforts of key partners into areas that provide the greatest opportunity for the community and build on past economic development efforts.

Sandoval Economic Alliance has engaged Avalanche Consulting to execute the strategy behind Future Sandoval.

Future Sandoval Goals

The purpose of creating and implementing the Future Sandoval economic development strategy is to achieve the following goals:

  • Economic growth: Future Sandoval will lead to increased economic growth in the region by identifying and capitalizing on regional and county-specific assets.
  • Talent development: Future Sandoval will lead to a more competitive talent pool and increased employment by connecting residents to jobs, especially in our target industries.
  • Brand recognition: Future Sandoval will raise awareness of the region’s assets to U.S. and international audiences.
  • Global competitiveness: Future Sandoval will lead to enhanced global competitiveness by focusing on strategic investments across the region.
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All About Economic Development

What is Economic Development?

Economic development is the process of investing in a community to improve its economic prosperity. Economic development includes activities like helping local businesses expand, attracting new businesses into the community, and growing new businesses. Modern economic development efforts are also involved in initiatives to make the community an overall better place for businesses and residents: improvements to quality of life amenities, education and workforce development programs, infrastructure, social equity, and business climate.  The overarching goal of economic development is to create a place where residents have ample opportunities to build their careers and improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.

Why is Economic Development Important?

By participating in economic development activities, economic developers seek to improve their economy and maintain a greater standard of living in their community. Economic development is important to a community because it improves the health of the economy and well-being of its residents, making the community resilient, even in times of hardship.

Who is in Charge of Economic Development?

Economic development can be led by several types of organizations in a community. Sometimes communities have a dedicated economic development organization (EDO), sometimes the city or county government has an economic development or community development department, or sometimes a chamber of commerce includes economic development among its activities. Other organizations that might be involved are workforce development and education institutions, local governments, state governments, utility companies, community foundations, and convention and visitors bureaus.

Ultimately, economic development success depends on everyone in a community working together to establish a vision and accomplish goals. Even individuals who have nothing to do with an EDO can impact change by being advocates and volunteering in positive community improvements.


Project Partners

Sandoval Economic Alliance

Sandoval Economic Alliance (SEA) is a private, not-for-profit economic development corporation established to strengthen and diversify the economic base of Rio Rancho and Sandoval County, New Mexico.

SEA provides a broad range of free and confidential services to businesses and industries considering new locations for expansion, relocation, or consolidation. Corporation services include identifying available sites and facilities, accessing applicable local and statewide business support and incentive programs, and economic and workforce research. SEA also assists existing Sandoval County and Rio Rancho companies through our Retention and Expansion program, called CORE.


Avalanche Consulting

Avalanche Consulting is the nation's premier economic development strategist. Avalanche is deeply driven to make a positive impact and seek clients who are equally inspired to energize their economies. Headquartered in Austin, Avalanche was established in 2005 and its team has a combined 80+ years of experience. Avalanche’s clients include the best performing economies in the country, from towns like Provo, Estes Park, and Sarasota, to metros like Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, and Miami.


Sandoval County

Sandoval County encompasses 3,714 square miles of diverse geography and has a population of approximately 140,000 people. It includes the incorporated municipalities of Bernalillo, Cuba, Corrales, Jemez Springs, Rio Rancho and San Ysidro, as well as numerous unincorporated communities, and all or portions of seven Indian pueblos and all or portions of six Tribal entities/lands.

  • 465 Employees (Full & Part-Time)
  • 234 Paid Volunteers & PRNs
  • 52 County Facilities
  • 1,516 Miles of Roads Maintained
  • 3,714 Square Miles in Size
  • 13 Pueblos and Tribal Entities/Lands
  • 3 Public Safety Agencies (Fire Dept, Sheriff’s Office & Detention Center